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Socoteco 1 announces 9-hour (8am to 5 pm) brownout in South Cotabato

Local News • 09:00 AM Tue Sep 20, 2022
Socoteco press release

KORONADAL CITY - Scheduled power interruption on September 24, 2022, Saturday

Time 8:00AM-5:00PM (9hrs.)

Area/s affected:



Portion of Koronadal covering the following: Purok Pag-asa, Purok San Miguel, Sitio Salkan of Brgy. Paraiso, Brgys. Sta. Cruz, Sitio Acub, San Isidro, Mambucal, Assumption, Arellano St., Agreville Ph. 3, San Antonio Ph. 1,2,3, Carmelas Homes, Agan Homes, Agan East, Amurao Subd., St. Gabriel Subd. Yellow Bell Subd., RAMA/SOCOMEDICS Hospital. Artieda Subd. DXKR, Bombo Radio. Passionist Nuns, Hall of Justice, NFA, NIA, YBL Garage and Terminal, Megaland Subd, Villegas Subd, Garcia Subd, Guadalupe, Portion of NDMU-IBED, Super Village, Dona Lourdes, KCC-LAPCO, Mezza Hotel and City Hall


Portion of Koronadal covering the following: Portion of Brgy. Paraiso, Purok Nursery, Victory Homes, Purok Tuburan, Prk Hillside, Alunan Ave. to roundball, Bonifacio-Marañon Circuit, Abad Santos St., ProTech Center, DPWH, Prov’l. Capitol & Hospital, NDMU Complex, South Cotabato Gym, Bonifacio-Mabini Circuit and St. Anthony Cathedral. Brgy. Tinongcop, Tantangan,


FEEDER 41: Brgy. Lopez Jeana, Brgy. Puti, Brgy San Miguel of Norala and Faciolan Ricemill.

FEEDER 42: Villalobos Ricemill, Huqueriza Ricemill, Brgy Esperanza Norala, Tacul Tacul, Bliss Norala, Brgy Guinsang-an, Brgy. Lopez Jeana, Brgy. Puti, Brgy San Miguel of Norala and Faciolan Ricemill.

FEEDER 43: Buenafe Ricemill, Hilaga Ricemill, Brgy. Kibid, Brgy Dumaguil, Sitio Garido, Brgy. Tinago, Brgy. B.S. Aquino, PILTEL Norala, Norala Public Market, Limpin Ricemill, Lavega Ricemill, Fano Ricemill, Martinez Ricemill, Japitana Ricemill, Brgy Rizal, Brgy Simsiman, Brgy Matapol, Brgy San Jose, Brgy. Lapuz Norala, Poblacion Norala.


FEEDER 91: Portion of Banga covering the following: P/Valencia, San Vicente, Malaya, El Nonok, El Negros Brgy.,Javellana Cornmill, Fordson Ricemill, SPC

FEEDER 92: Portion of Banga covering the following:

Crossing 2 Banga, Sitio Hinigaran, B/ Reyes, Sitio Highway and Katilingban of B/ Rizal-3 and Brgy. Punong Grande, Ckt. 20 Metros going Pedregosa Ricemill, Brgy. Cabudian, Brgy. Rizal-3, Brgy Reyes,

FEEDER 93: Portion of Banga covering the following:

Banga Poblacion, Brgy. Rizal (Pob)., Brgy Yanco, Brgy. Improgo, Brgy Benitez, and Brgy Rang-ay

FEEDER 94: Portion of Banga covering the following:

Arandia Ricemill, Diente Ricemill, Valdevieso Ricemill, Blue Haven, Fortune Field, D’Southside Resort, Agricon’s/Felissa Resto, Cr. Kipot and Prk Bagong Silang of Brgy. Rizal, Brgy. Liwanay, Brgy. Kusan and Cinco

FEEDER 95: Portion of Banga covering: Brgys Cabuling, San Jose, Lamba, and P/ Bliss Rizal. (Puroks Malinong, Mabuhay, Malipayon and Mainuswagon of Brgy Benitez)


FEEDER 21: Brgys. Dajay, Moloy, Duengas & Talahik of Surallah, Municipality of Sto. Niño Covering Brgys. of, Ambalgan, Teresita, Cajanedo, Sajaneba, portion of Sto. Niño Poblacion:

Sto.Nino Ricemill, Gedorio Ricemill, Aliperio Ricemill, Ignes Ricemill, SUNAS. South Sepaka Substation supplying Brgy. Upper Sepaka and Brgy. Ned

Brgy San Vicente, Brgy. Panay, Matinong Ricemill, Portion of Sto. Nino Public Market, Circuit Pine tree, Bo. San Isidro, Bo. Katipunan, Sitios Paez, Hibaler and Cocjin of B/ Rizal-3, Banga

FEEDER 22: Surallah Poblacion, Solivio Ricemill, Villanueva Plains, Agan Homes Surallah, Causing Subd. Maunlad Surallah. Rapide Sur. Portion of Surallah Public Market, Friendly Mart.

FEEDER 23: Portion of Brgy Centrala, Naci, Surallah

FEEDER 25: Portion of Surallah covering Portion of Dajay, Brgy. Colongolo, Little Baguio. Daraug Ricemill & Slaughter House. Municipality of Lake Sebu covering Brgy. of Talisay, Canahay, Bleboy, Hanoon, Luhib,


FEEDER 14-1: From Lamsugod Substation going toSitio Sto. Niño Brgy. Centrala, Tubi-ala, Buenavista.

PFEEDER 14-2: ortion of Prk. Magsaysay Lamsugod, Lamian, Lambontong, AMS Corp., Upland Banana Corp., Matlong, Derilon, Lam-Apus, Lambingi, Lampari, Lamsalome and Portion of Lamba, Banga. Portion Of T’Boli covering: Brgys. Talufo, Lambuling, Lamhako and Surallah

FEEDER 14-3:  T’boli Poblacion, Brgys Veterans, Edwards, Sinolon, New Dumangas, Laconon, Kematu, Desawo, Afus, AMS Corporation, Upland Banana Corporation.

Portion of Lake Sebu covering Bgry. Maculan, Halilan & Denlag. Portion of Surallah covering Brgy. Lamsugod, Tubi-Ala, and portion of Lambontong, Datal Dlanag & Salacafe of T’boli


Reason/s: completion of the ongoing construction/rerouting of 69kV Sub-transmission line

Outage time may change without prior notice but we will exert all efforts to restore power asap.

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