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55 years of Jabidah Massacre: Time for justice, unity, reconciliation

BANGSAMORO NEWS UPDATES • 16:45 PM Sun Mar 19, 2023
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Young Muslim recruits were housed in this abandoned hospital located at the heart of Corregidor Island in Cavite in 1968. Up until today, their names are still visible on the walls of this building—a proof that they did exist. (Marhom Ibrahim)

MANILA—More than five decades have passed, but the story of a significant event that is considered the major flashpoint that ignited the Moro insurgency in the Philippines—the Jabidah Massacre—is never forgotten.

During its 55th year on Saturday, March 18, 2023, the Bangsamoro Government, led by the Ministry of Public Order and Safety (MPOS), honored the Tausug and Sama men who were unceremoniously killed at the Corregidor Island in Cavite in 1968.

MPOS Minister Hussien Muñoz underscored that this commemoration is not meant to ignite emotions of the past, but rather an initiative towards healing, reconciliation, and unity of all the people in the country.

"The story of the Jabidah Massacre alone would entail the seeds of the modern Bangsamoro struggle. It is in this cause that we need to honor the lives lost on that fateful day along with countless Moro lives in order to establish the Bangsamoro region," he added.

Muñoz disclosed some of the significant impact of the annual event, saying: "This is a form of moving forward for a peaceful and systematic approach towards the transformation of our political systems, conflicts, and other conditions that may have been at the root of the abuses.

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BARMM leadership recognizes the memories of Bangsamoro history, including the Jabidah Massacre, that laid and strengthened the foundations for peace and strong solidarity.

Chief Minister Ahod Balawag Ebrahim honored the young Tausug and Sama brothers who died that day, emphasizing: "We remember the inhumane acts committed to them, and it is our duty to continue remembering their valor and attribute this freedom we are all enjoying today to them. Their sacrifices paved the way for the realization of our dreams of a united and self-governing Bangsamoro."

He also urged the Bangsamoro officials and employees to continue supporting to build of a stronger government that demonstrates just, peaceful, and progressive Bangsamoro communities all across our homeland.

 "Let this painful part of our history be a reminder that the Moro people stood up against oppression and marginalization. It may have been five decades ago, but we will always remember," the Chief Minister reminded. 

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