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What forces wild monkeys to Maguindanao highways?

Local News • 02:31 AM Wed Feb 10, 2016
Ferdinandh Cabrera
Wild monkeys in Barangay Taviran, Maguindanao migrated to the highways begging for foods from motorists. (Ferdinandh Cabrera)

ODIN SINSUAT, Maguindanao -– The excruciating heat in Maguindanao due
to dry spell has sent wild monkeys to major highways, begging for food from
motorists and locals.

20 monkeys, which appeared to be hungry, were seen beside the highway waiting
for motorists to share some food on Monday afternoon.

Amongthe motorists was a certain Mr. Aranias, a government employee who was passing by
on board a motorbike with son and daughter.

they stopped, Aranias pulled-out some Pandesal bread and shared it with the monkeys.

monkeys were seen at the top of coconut trees harvesting young fruits to eat.

come closer to people now, so we give them food and take photos of them,”
Aranias said.

they are asking for food...they don’t attack humans but we are careful, my
children were glad to see them, so rare at this time,” he added.

when they surfaced yesterday, the country celebrated the Chinese New Year, a
year of fire monkey and as if they are making their presence felt so they moved
to the highway, local residents said in the vernacular.

said he shared food not because he was expecting something in return as New
Year’s blessing but they are endangered species, it is rare to see them here,
it’s up to the Almighty to bless us on what we do on earth”.

said he hoped the government would protect these animals.

we noticed them frequenting the highway,” Kagi Ali, a resident nearby said. Before,
they stay away from humans they consider as aggressor,” he added.

animals, including its offspring, were seen crisscrossing the highways unmindful
of speeding vehicles.

year, two young monkeys were killed by speeding vehicle in Barangay Taviran,
Datu Odin Sinsuat, the same spot where the monkeys showed force on Chinese New

Mayor King Jhazzer Mangudadatu of Buluan, Maguindanao, said after the two
monkeys were hit by vehicles, he saw other monkeys coming as if mourning the
loss of their own. Gently, they kissed and touched the bloodied monkeys then
ran back to the forest,” he recalled.

known sports enthusiast and nature lover, the vice mayor expressed concern over
what he described as the wild animals’ annihilation in Maguindanao.

will go out of his way and will put up signage or warning signals reminding that
motorists must slow down as they enter the wild monkey crossing area.”

have to respect other creatures too and I am glad no single Maguindanaon ever dared
to hunt, kill or eat these creatures, unlike in other parts of the country,” Mangudadatu

said the area could be developed into a tourist attraction where tourists can
feed wild monkeys through their own hands. (Ferdinandh Cabrera)

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