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Stakeholders support proposed BARMM Madaris system

BANGSAMORO NEWS UPDATES • 18:30 PM Sat Sep 28, 2019
John M. Unson
The continuing dialogues on BTA Bill 05 are meant to educate stakeholders on its benefits. (John Unson)

COTABATO CITY --- Islamic theologians have manifested support for the proposed standard Bangsamoro Islamic education system during consultations in central Mindanao in the past two weeks.

Islamic missionary Alzad Sattar of the interim parliament of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao said Saturday hundreds of participants to the recent dialogues on the viability of creating the office of a Madrasah director-general for an institutionalized Islamic education system in the BARMM were in favor of the proposal.

The measure --- the Bangsamoro Transition Authority Parliament Bill 05 --- was jointly authored by Sattar and lawyer Maisarah Dandamun-Latiph.

They both belong to the BARMM parliament, comprised of more than 80 members appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte pending the election of regular members during the region’s first regional electoral exercise in 2022.

The BTA Bill 05 aims to institutionalize a monolithic and well supervised Madaris education system under an office of a director-general in all five provinces and three cities in the Bangsamoro region.

It is also focused on allocating funds, from the national government’s annual grants to the Bangsamoro region, to sustain its manpower and infrastructure complements.

Sattar said Islamic theologians from central Mindanao who participated in the latest public consultations on BTA Bill 05 are certain that members of the Bangsamoro parliament will vote in favor of the proposed regional law.

“All went well in the public consultations. We had the chance of explaining what this proposed bill is all about and how can it improve the peace and security situation in the Bangsamoro region,” Sattar said.

Sattar, Dandamun-Latiph and other BARMM parliament members are to initiate more consultations next month in the island provinces of Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi.

Among the objectives of the proposed director-general’s office for Madrasah education is to ensure an Islamic education system free from radical and misguided preachers.

There are Islamic schools operating in the south not registered with the Department of Education and whose curriculum is virtually unknown to DepEd.

Only 135 of the 1,914 Madaris institutions in the defunct Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, whose provinces and cities are now covered by BARMM, have accreditations from DepEd.

Lt. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana of the Army’s Western Mindanao Command said Saturday he is convinced that the BTA Bill 05 is one good solution to religious extremism plaguing some isolated areas in BARMM.

The WestMinCom, covering the Bangsamoro region, has current programs assisted by local officials meant to quell violent extremism and the expansion of local blocs inspired by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

“We in the WestMinCom supports all efforts intended to institutionalize an Islamic education system that stakeholders can benefit from via schools that are operating under a monolithic set-up, managed by the Bangsamoro government and recognized by DepEd,” Sobejana said.





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