Thursday Oct, 17 2019 01:13:29 PM

Robber killed, cohort arrested in bungled daytime heist

Local News • 15:45 PM Mon Oct 7, 2019
John M. Unson

SULTAN KUDARAT -- Two elusive thieves almost achieved Sunday what could have been the pinnacle of their robbery careers. 

One of them, Taras Duma Abdul, 35, was killed while the other, the 20-year-old Aries Mamolandi, got arrested after a brief chase following a bungled attempt to rob the house of Police Master Sgt. Noel Fortez in President Quirino town in Sultan Kudarat.

The duo was searching for valuables inside the house of Fortez when he arrived from duty at the municipal police office and immediately frisked them both. 

Fortez immediately shot and killed Abdul when he pulled out a .45 caliber pistol from the waist. 

Mamolandi, who escaped through the backdoor, was arrested later by responding policemen from a nearby outpost. 

The suspect is now detained. 

Their getaway motorcycle, a Kawasaki Bajaj, was also impounded by the President Quirino municipal police. 

Local officials said Abdul and Mamolandi, both from nearby Maguindanao province, had pulled off no fewer than 50 housebreaks in the past three years and more than 20 highway robberies where they held up motorists they scared with handguns.



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