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Mindanao Independent Press Council condemns slay try vs. Tagum radioman

TIMRA Reports • 07:45 AM Sat Oct 12, 2019
Edwin O. Fernandez
Pat Lucero Pacquiao and his bullet damaged vehicle. (contributed photo)


We, the members and officers of the Mindanao Independent Press Council, condemns in the strongest sense of the word the attempt on the life of Pat Lucero Pacquiao, the current information officer of the province of Davao del Norte, and a commentator and station manager for the RP-FM ang Radyo ng Masa which he also owns.

According to multiple media reports, Mr. Lucero was driving home on Friday morning (October 11) when an assailant pumped bullets on him in an apparent attempt to snuff out his life. Fortunately, the victim managed to cheat death and is now being treated at a hospital for a bullet on his back near the right shoulder.

According to interviews that he gave to the media following the attempted murder, Mr. Lucero recalled that he had commented on several hot-button issues in his radio program before the incident. We cannot, therefore, rule out the possibility that the attack may have been related to his radio commentary.

We reiterate that harming any member of the press for any adverse commentary is a dastardly act not worth of a civilized society. Should any member of the media profession go out of bounds in his or her commentary, the legal remedies remain the best option to exact accountability.

Likewise, we also would like to remind our colleagues in the media that freedom of expression has its limits, and there is no substitute for fair, objective commentary.

Lastly, we demand that the police leave no stone unturned in their investigation into this incident. We also appeal to authorities to provide Mr. Lucero adequate security. We will continue to monitor this incident and will assist in any way we can to help prevent any such violent act against Mr. Pacquiao and any other members of the press, for that matter.

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Editha Z. Caduaya




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