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IP leaders want to preserve horse fight tradition

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES NEWS • 17:00 PM Thu Feb 13, 2020
Horse fight and the female Dulangan Manobo cook coffee as part of Sulok Festival (FC)

SEN. NINOY AQUINO, Sultan Kudarat – Members of Indigenous Peoples here have called for the preservation of their culture and tradition on horse fight as part of cultural celebration.

Members of the Dulangan Manobo tribe have joined the “Sulok” Festival (festival of indigenous bags), leaders of IP communities called for the preservation of horse fight as one of the highlights of cultural gathering of IPs, especially in SNA (formerly the town of Kulaman).

The celebration was filled with indigenous bags used by women and the sling hanged from their heads and placed at the back.  It is used mainly during harvest season for coffee.

“Sabutang-Kuda (horse fight) is our culture and we will continue it despite calls from animal groups to stop it,” said Datu Antony Sakilan, tribal leader of Dulangan Manobo.

He said horse fight is held when tribes from other areas in Mindanao gather for festival, wedding, fiesta and even death of community member.

The horse fight serves as entertainment among the rural folks as well as a test if their amulet is effecting in defending themselves against aggressors.

Highlight of the Sulok Festival here was the celebration of bountiful harvest of coffee products. A coffee preparation contest was also held.

Sen. Ninoy Aquino town Mayor Randy Ecija Jr said through the Sulok Festival, “the local government is recognizing the IPs, especially their culture and tradition that I believed must be preserved.”

“Horse fight is among them,” the mayor said. (Ferdinandh Cabrera)


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