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BARMM chief assures ARMM employees will be properly compensated

BANGSAMORO NEWS UPDATES • 17:00 PM Sun Sep 29, 2019
BARMM chief Minister Murad Ebrahim

COTABATO CITY  – Bangsamoro Chief Minister Al Hajj Murad Ebrahim said the Bangsamoro Government continues to carefully implement the transition plan, particularly the ‘difficult part’ of phasing out the employees of the defunct Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).

“As I have mentioned before, it’s our commitment to give and work out what is best for the affected employees within the ambit of the Bangsamoro Organic Law and the transition plan,” Ebrahim said during his Chief Minister’s Hour address before the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) on Friday, September 27.

“The cabinet will closely look into the issues pertaining to the implementation of the gradual phasing out and engage with pertinent national agencies such as the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) in order to achieve solutions favorable to our affected employees,” he added.

“Earlier this week we have conducted another round of orientation to update and operationalize the result of the meeting with DBM pertaining to the separation incentives,” Ebrahim said.  “I am happy to share with this August body that we were able to get most of what our employees desire as they mentioned in the previous consultations which we conducted last month.”

“Employees are assured that there are available funds for the separation incentives and that they will be able to get this in lump sum starting later this year,” the chief minister said. 

Ebrahim encourages the ARMM employees to apply in the BARMM “as we phase-in people based on merit and fitness in the new government.” He said persons with integrity, skills, and passion to serve the Bangsamoro have a place in the bureaucracy. 

'Public service is always about the people'

Ending his speech, Ebrahim called on his colleagues in the Parliament and all the officials of the Bangsamoro Government to “put the people at the heart of our actions. Let us enact those passed resolutions that not only protect the interest of the Bangsamoro people but also have direct contribution to their betterment.”

“Some of us might have plans for our prospective political careers come 2022 and beyond. Some will move mountains and execute carefully planned strategies to achieve whatever political ambitions they might have,” Ebrahim said. “This is understandable and quite frankly expected. But let us not be blinded by power and greed.”

“It is my earnest hope that we remain united as one BTA, for the sake of our people. It is where our sovereignty emanates and after all governance and public service are not about us. It is all about the people, it is always about the people,” the chief minister said.



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